What is this and why is it here?


19th of January 2021

Like most people, I have a to-do list. Then my to-do list has a to-do list. I also have to-do folders in my bookmarks. There is also a reading list. For books, articles, blogs, tutorial videos, release logs, documentation and Wikipedia articles. There is also a book. And a booklet. And another one. The third one is purple. There is a drawer full of pieces of papers with random scribbles of things I should lookup. Should I even mention Pocket? Keep Notes? Random .txt files on my computers? Files on my external hard drives from four formats ago?

A couple of years ago, when I decided to pursue a career in web development, the topic of these notes changed. No longer was I scribbling down random dates, rulers, historical events, or books and articles I should read. Suddenly, somewhere between an average cider production in Northern France in the seventeenth century, and notes about responses to the French Revolution there was something new. CSS, div, function, variable. Since then, my production of to-do lists grew exponentially. Too fast to cover it all. Too fast to even cover a fraction of it.

So this is an attempt to tackle them.

Topics will be random. I can’t promise that they will make sense. I can’t promise even that they will be correct. This is a learning experience.

My future posts might not even be connected to development. Might be something interesting I found on the internet. Maybe something about a book I read. I might even return to that French cider. But most of all, I want to use my blog to dive into different topics to expand my knowledge and get more comfortable in this weird and exciting new chapter.

I fully expect that diving into a topic will result only in expanding my to-do lists. But that’s ok. For what is life without a to-do list?